Access all your historic data from one central platform

Proceed Cella enables you to decommission multiple SAP and non-SAP legacy systems, while retaining full access to all the data. This results in huge cost savings and allows for more innovative resource allocation.

End-users benefit from an intuitive product interface to access data, so responding to business, audit or legal requests has never been easier.

Proceed Cella is completely complementary to SAP ILM and is deployed and supported by our team of expert consultants.

All data and attachments are moved to modern, cost-effective storage such as MS SQL server or SAP IQ.

Users can search, filter and extract information through an intuitive interface, without the need to contact IT.

Advanced ‘out of the box’ reporting options allow for fast and easy response to any legal or auditing requests.

A highly secure environment with user authentication that runs on the state-of-the-art SAP HANA® platform.

Free up your IT budget and innovate

The cost of legacy systems can easily spiral in terms of infrastructure, hardware, maintenance, and internal support expenditure. But what about the hidden costs of not being able to access this budget and free up those resources?

By decommissioning your legacy systems with Proceed Cella, you will be able to accelerate projects like moving to S/4HANA® and move IT from being a cost centre to a true innovation centre.

Reduce the 15% of IT budgets typically spent on legacy applications.

See up to 80% total cost of ownership savings.

Proceed makes decommissioning achievable

Proceed Group is proud to be an SAP Gold partner. We have 20 years’ experience in running decommissioning and data management projects. Now, with Proceed Cella, we are able to combine cutting-edge technology with our team of expert consultants, to help you unlock the value of decommissioning systems, without the risk.

What the industry thinks

I’m delighted to see Proceed Group’s focus on the decommissioning market. We look forward to seeing more successful customers reaping the additional benefits that Proceed Cella will enable.

Dr. Mark Darbyshire, CTO, Platform & Technologies, SAP UKI

T-Systems have already used Proceed Cella to manage the business data for one of our largest SAP clients, and will be using it for more enterprise clients in the next two months. Our client has been delighted with the functionality and performance of Cella, and we are equally pleased with the support and partnership from Proceed.

Stephan Wiethüchter, VP T-Systems International GMBH